About us


Historically A Wear sells products and apparel featuring historical references and contributions across the African diaspora meant to promote self-esteem, conversation and insight.


Our Inspiration

After visiting Atlanta's Shrine of the Black Madonna and purchasing The Color Curtain by Richard Wright, we were inspired to share the story about the BANDUNG CONFERENCE OF 1955 where black and brown nations met to discuss how their nations would recover following European colonialism. We had never heard of this conference before which led to reading more books and discovery. Visit our site and wear something new!


Our Commitment

In a time where books are being banned and history is being erased, we intend to create wearable history meant to inspire generations.


Our Products

A wide selection of shirts, hoodies, mugs, puzzles and more. We are continuously adding concepts to reach all demographics. Our Sisters Collection targets black and brown girls while our We Made It Collections highlights everyday inventions by black inventors. We are constantly adding new images and concepts.


Community Engagement

We believe in service to others and regularly collaborate with organizations to celebrate and support education and positive conversations.



Contact Us

Email: hello@historicallyawear.com