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We Made It, Kids' Puzzle, 30-Piece | Innovative Lyda Newman Hairbrush Patent

We Made It, Kids' Puzzle, 30-Piece | Innovative Lyda Newman Hairbrush Patent

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In reverence to Lyda Newman's ingenuity, our commemorative puzzle pays homage to her patented hairbrush design, which has shaped hair care practices for generations. Celebrate the pioneering spirit of this remarkable inventor, who, in 1898, became the third black woman to hold a U.S. patent. This puzzle connects you to the legacy of innovation and resilience that continues to influence beauty standards today.

Honor History: With this puzzle, you carry the history of black female innovation with every wear.

Empower Communities: Support initiatives to celebrate and educate about black inventors while uplifting black-owned businesses.

Ignite Conversations: Become a beacon for dialogue on beauty innovation and the historical figures behind it.

Proudly share the story of Lyda Newman, a woman whose invention still echoes in beauty routines worldwide. #BeautySupply #HairProducts #Hairstylist #Braids #LaceWigs #Weave

Product Features: Puzzles are an all-time favourite activity that helps youngsters have some quality time by solving their own. Each puzzle is available in a toddler-friendly 30-piece pack with large pieces and rounded corners for safety and parental peace of mind. Each puzzle is made with chipboard and comes with a reference photo for problem-solving.

  • Material: laminated chipboard
  • One size: 30-piece puzzle - 14" x 11" (35.6 x 28cm)
  • Rounded corners
  • Comes in a box with a reference photo
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