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We Made It, Youth T-Shirt | James Robinson Lunch Pail

We Made It, Youth T-Shirt | James Robinson Lunch Pail

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Our "Mealtime Innovation" T-shirt salutes the ingenuity of James Robinson and his 1887 patent for the lunch pail, a design that revolutionized how workers and students carry their meals. Celebrate this clever invention that elevated the humble lunch pail from mere containers to a portable dining experience, complete with separate compartments for food and liquids, and the ability to warm meals on the go.

Appreciate Practicality: Embrace the history behind a daily essential and acknowledge the advancement from paper bags to a functional lunch carrier.

Culinary Tribute: Perfect for those who value meal prep and the joy of a well-packed lunch, this T-shirt is an ode to the art of eating on the move.

Educational Fashion: Wearing this piece is not just a fashion statement but an educational tool, sparking conversations about history and innovation.

Rediscover the joy of lunchtime with a piece of history that has changed the way we eat. Celebrate James Robinson's practical creativity with every wear. #LunchBox #LunchTime #Foodie #LunchBag #SchoolLunch #KidsLunch #PackedLunch #BackToSchool

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
S 15 ¼ 20 ⅞
M 16 ¼ 22 ⅛
L 17 ¼ 23 ⅜
XL 18 ¼ 24 ⅜
  WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm)
S 38.7 53
M 41.3 56.2
L 43.8 59.4
XL 46.4 62
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